Welcome to my website


Thanks for visiting my webpage. We recently moved back to the USA after living in England for 3 years.  Here are some pictures of my family:


 Aaron on the beach at the Isle of Wight (Ventnor Beach); summer 2008

 Ventnor Beach

 Aaron’s first hair cut with Jack at PAC in Sunninghill


 Audrey at Sports Day at ACS – check out the tongue!

  Great joy!

  Isle of Wight – Osborne House

 Also at Osborne House – such beautiful flowers.

 My angels near the coast of Ireland, Easter 2008

 I just love this picture – the boys on a chilly wagon ride in Ireland.

  Bath time with my boy.

   Aaron loves to get squirted with the hose

 My girl

 Aaron is pointing at a plane (he calls it a “dee”), while Audrey gives a smile.

  Such a smile!

  A few weeks before we moved, we attended the Order of the Garter and were very close to the Queen.

 Also saw Lady Margaret Thatcher.

 Our beloved Tile House in Sunninghill, England.

Here are a few pages about me and the things that are important to me. 

My wonderful husband, Frank -- Here is Frank's website
Our daughter Audrey  and Our Son Aaron  – best kids ever. 

Last updated: 8/29/08