Thank you for your interest in Young Living Essential Oils.  I am an independent distributor of these great oils.  I have used these products for many years for myself and my family, with great results.  I hope you enjoy the products and are interested in learning more. 



Please see at the bottom for contact information and how to order the oils.  I often run oil “shows” where I demonstrate how to use the different oils. Please let me know if you have any interest in attending one of these. They are a lot of fun, and you always leave smelling good!



Here are some of the ways I have used the oils:



I use it twice a day on blemishes on my face. I used to use 3 different prescription products on my face for acne and rosacea. I now use no other prescription products and only use the lavender oil.  My skin isn’t perfect, but the oil keeps the breakouts to a minimum and when they do happen, they clear up very quickly. I have also used it to take the itch out of bug bites and to treat minor kitchen burns. 



This is an oil blend that is based on oils supposedly used by thieves who used to rob dead bodies during the plague. They somehow did not get ill, and it was attributed to these oils. I diffuse these every day, first thing, in my kitchen, so the entire family gets a dose.  This year neither my 4 year old daughter (who is in school) nor my newborn son got ill during the winter cold and flu season. 



These are two blends that are great for sinus/head colds.  I alternate using them on my body and diffusing them. I use them on my daughter as well. Just recently the whole family had some allergy issues and two days of treatment with these oils set us all well again.



This is often called “chiropractor in a bottle.” I use this every night on my feet as a way to “reset” my bones while I sleep.  I used to have chronic neck troubles, requiring a chiropractor every 6 weeks or so, but since I began using this, I no longer have the issue.


Ortho Sport/Ortho Ease

This is a massage oil blend that I use after working out or doing anything that would usually result in sore muscles the next day. If I put this on before I go to bed, the next morning I feel great. I gave this to a friend who ran a marathon, and he reported next-to-no pain the next day.  (Other oils I love that are similar: Relieve It, PanAway, Wintergreen.)



I have used this once a cold has set in, or as a preventative when during the cold and flu months on my daughter. 



This is a versatile oil that I use to flavor my water – keeps your breath fresh plus it has been shown to help improve alertness.  It is also very cooling when worn on your wrists or neck in the summer time.


Lemon Oil

This is said to be a powerful detoxifier. I often use a few drops in warm water first thing in the morning and it seems to get my body kick started – cleans out my pipes straight away.  I have also used it more practically: it does a great job of removing the sticky parts left my price tags, or removing permanent marker (took it right off my hard wood floors after my daughter marked the floor by accident). It also took the marker right off her skin without any irritating rubbing. 


Purification Oil

This is a blend of oil that I find great to refresh a stale room or a bathroom in need of a lift. I keep a bottle of water with a few drops of this oil in every bathroom – much nicer than commercial air fresheners. I also put a few drops in the bottom of the rubbish bin or anywhere else that needs odor help.  A great way to perk up a stale hotel room is to soak a cotton pad with a few drops and place it on the air conditioner unit.



I have many, many other oils that I have used, so please ask me if you have any specific questions or needs.



How to use the Oils

I primarily use the oils neat directly on my skin, or diffuse them in a cold air diffuser (see below for more info on diffusing).  For general treatment, I put a few drops of oil on the bottom of each foot – your feet have the largest pores in your body so the oils very quickly get into your system. I also treat specific areas of the body according the recommendation in the Essential Oils Desk Reference book (click here for a US website with loads of Young Living specific books, including the reference book).  I use the oils neat or diluted with V6 Mixing oil for my children. I think I diluted on my daughter until she was 3, then began using them neat (although there are some oils where it is recommended to always dilute – check the label). 


Diffusing the oils is a great way to get the benefits as well.  The cold air diffusers disperse the oils into tiny droplets that get out into the room and into you.  I have one in every bedroom, the kitchen and the family room.  I do not recommend heating your oils to diffuse – this may change the chemical composition of the oils and impact their effectiveness.   There are a few places other than Young Living that sell cold air diffusers, but I have theirs work the best.


Other products

Young Living sells a host of other personal care products. I really like the following products that contain essential oils:

  • Deodorant
  • Kid’s Scent bath soap and body lotion (great on my children’s eczema)
  • Bath gels, especially Morning Start
  • Thieves line of products – the throat drops are great, as is the household cleaners


Contact Information

For more information, please contact me at or call 01344 627 731


Placing an Order

To order Young Living Oils, please contact me to sign up or go to the website . On the website, you will need to sign and mail in a distributor agreement. I can also provide you a copy of this agreement.  If you do not want to sign up to purchase product, I am happy to order products for your at the retail customer price and ship them to you.


Deciding which type of customer you want to be:

o       Retail Customer: this member is purchasing product directly from Young Living at the published retail customer price. There is no obligation or commitment and allows the greatest flexibility.

o       Preferred Customer: this member is participating in the monthly Autoship program. You can change your product selection monthly and your order ships on the same day every month. This option allows you to purchase 12% off the retail price list.

  • Distributor: (In the EU, there are no purchase requirements to sign up as a distributor. In the US, there is a new distributor kit you must buy to become a distributor – more details on the Young Living website).  Distributors are able to purchase products at a 24% discount off the retail price and are able to participate in building a business. This means if other people order under your member number you will receive a check as long as you’ve placed an order that same month. Also, if you are on Autoship, you will earn ‘frequent buyer points’ to be used against product after six months. Distributors must sign a distributor agreement.


When signing up, you will need this information:

Enroller Member: Maureen Howard #402728

Sponsoring Member: Maureen Howard #402728



For More Information on Using the Oils

Aireau (UK)

Essential Oil Supplies and the Reference Book


Essential Science Publishing (US)                                  For ordering support books and videos. They have many essential oils supplies, as well. 

Abundant Health (US) is another great website with books and other supplies.